We’re aggressive

We believe you have to be at least as aggressive and entrepreneurial as your digital adversaries in order to defeat them. Chasing the known threats is easy. It’s the unknown that’s hard. That means we can’t just react - we have to pre-empt. We have to smash the attack chain before it gets built.

We seek trouble

We believe in taking the hits so our customers don’t have to. That’s why we wander the worst neighbourhoods of the Internet, looking for trouble, just asking to be attacked. That’s why together with our affiliates we’ve built the biggest dedicated threat detection network in the world, and populated it with millions of honeypots, agents, sensors and crawlers.

We’re Makalu

Makalu is the fifth highest mountain in the world and it is an isolated peak whose shape is a four-sided pyramid. Just like the strength of the pyramid we are dedicated to helping our customers block attacks, uncover hidden breaches and protect the enterprise infrastructure 24/7.


● Endpoint protection – deploy and manage antivirus and device control
● Network protection – enable remote working with VPN and block threats with IPS
● Web protection – help you keep your employees productive and secure while surfing the web
● Email protection – block spam and viruses as well as securing data in outbound emails
● Webserver protection – stop attackers exploiting web servers
● Wireless protection – configure and manage secure wireless networks
● Secures branch offices – with fast integrated VPN technology and the plug-and-protect RED device (Remote Ethernet Device)


Our solution uses a multi-layered security approach to effectively consolidate and safeguard your cyber security architecture from both incoming and outgoing threats across all networks, endpoint, cloud and mobile.

Real-time threat prevention against known and unknown threats, leveraging our most advanced threat prevention and zero-day technologies
Consistent security across all Check Point components with shared threat intelligence across networks, cloud and mobile
Unified and efficient management of the entire security network through a single pane of glass
Rich integrations with 3rd party solutions with flexible APIs


We offer solutions to Small and Medium Businesses, Data centres, Home offices, Financial Services, Healthcare and Bio-technology


● Advanced Threat Prevention
● Next Generation Firewall
● Security Gateway Appliances


● Advanced Threat Prevention
● Endpoint Protection
● Remote Access

Security Management

● Unified Security Management
● Event Management
● Security Management Appliances



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